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The Roff Home: A Topic of Discussion for 140 Years

Partial list of past publications and multimedia
on the Watseka Wonder and Roff Home


Watseka Wonder

"The Watseka Wonder" (1879)

Pamphlet written by Dr. E. W. Stevens, who witnessed Lurancy Vennum's possession by Mary Roff. Reprinted by the Iroquois County Historical Society.

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"Psychology and Common Life" (1903)

By Frank Sargeant Hoffman, PhD
Professor of Psychology, Union College.

Refutation of the Watseka Wonder case as a hoax. See pages 276-279.

Our of print. Available as a Google Book.


"Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters" (1908)

by Henry Addington Bruce

Book with one chapter dedicated to the Watseka Wonder (Chapter IX, p. 171). Out of print. Available on Google Books

Watseka Wonder

"The Watseka Wonder"
(1908, reprint)

Reprint of pamphlet from 1879 written by Dr. E. W. Stevens, who witnessed Lurancy Vennum's possession by Mary Roff.

NOTE: This version contains a special letter from Mary Roff's sister Minerva Alter, who reaffirms 30 years later her unwavering belief that her sister Mary Roff did indeed possess Lurancy Vennum.



"Watseka" (1979)

Book by David St. Clair. Fictionalized account of the Watseka Wonder story, based on the pamphlet by E. W. Stevens.


"Watseka": Hardcover, used
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"Watseka": Softcover, used
Price: market + S/H

"Child Possessed": Softcover, used, British version of "Watseka"
Price: market + S/H


"Before I Wake"

Stageplay by William Wesbrooks, son of Lurancy Vennum's great neice Joyce Wesbrooks. 1981.


Troy Taylor

"Death and Personal Survival: Evidence for Life after Death" (1992)

Book by Robert Almeder
Professor of Philosophy
Georgia State University

Contains a short section on the Watseka Wonder. The author discusses the pros and cons of the Watseka Wonder case as possession versus multiple personality disorder.

"In a style that is both philosophically sophisticated and accessible to general readers, Robert Almeder introduces readers to the vigorous debate in the scientific community about the possibility of personal survival after death. He argues that belief in some form of personal survival is as empirically justifiable as our belief in the past existence of dinosaurs. Drawing on 21 of the best case studies in reincarnation, apparitions of the dead, ostensible possession, out-of-body experiences, and trance mediumships, Death and Personal Survival offers a comprehensive discussion of the best empirical evidence in each of these areas and refutes alternative explanations offered by sceptics."

"Scary Prairie Fire"

Documentary by Troy Taylor with one segment on the Watseka Wonder.


Troy Taylor

"Weird Illinois" (2005)

Book by Troy Taylor et al with a short section on the Watseka Wonder.

Troy Taylor

"The Possessed" (2007)

(Softcover, new)

Book by Troy Taylor exploring the Watseka Wonder and Spiritualism in the 19th century.


"The Watseka Wonder:
When Mary Came Home:
A Play in Two Acts" (2008)

Stageplay by Nick Pelino. Published by Trafford Publishing, 2008.

Troy Taylor

"The Possessed" (2009)

Video documentary from the Booth Brothers that delves into possession and the case of the Watseka Wonder.

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