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The Roff Home in "The Possessed" on SyFy

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"The Possessed" on DVD by the Booth BrothersThe Possessed

Produced by the Booth Brothers, "The Possessed" breathes new life into the story of the Watseka Wonder. Now available on DVD, the title includes:

  • a retelling of the Watseka Wonder story
  • chilling ghost hunting at the Roff Home
  • beautiful footage of the Roff Home
  • exclusive interview with a relative of Lurancy Vennum's who actually knew her!
  • interviews with the owners of the Roff and Vennum homes
  • more than 60 minutes of DVD special features, outtakes, and trailers.

Original Air Dates

  • Premiere: Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009 at 9 pm / 8 pm (ET/CT)
  • Rebroadcast: Wed., Nov. 11, 2009 at 2 pm / 1 pm (ET/CT)
  • Rebroadcast: Wed., July 14, 2010
  • Rebroadcast: Wed., Oct. 27, 2010

Additional dates will be posted on this site as they become available.


  • Christopher Saint Booth
  • Phillip Adrian Booth
  • Troy Taylor
  • Keith Age
  • Rosemary Ellen Guiley
  • Rick Hayes
  • John Zaffis, and
  • many current Watseka residents

Cinema DVD Review on

  • "The DVD much like the documentary itself is bursting with incredible extras in the form of features and much more. Sharing everything from the raw footage, behind the scenes, galleries and even a personal filmmaker's video diary. Remember this is the unseen version not seen when televised on the Sci-Fi Channel, so in essences you get over 60 minutes more. If you are truly a fan of the paranormal, or a ghost hunter at heart this is the grand daddy of them all. Happy Haunting!"

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From the creators of "Spooked" and "Children of the Grave" (as seen on the SciFi Channel). "The Possessed" (uncut) (Spooked Television Releasing) horror documentary, not rated.

Content Warning

"The Possessed" contains disturbing images of real possession. May not be suitable for all audiences. Approximately 90 minutes, in stereo, color, filmed and mastered in high definition, widescreen. DVD features include over 60 minutes of bonus footage not seen on television, interactive full motion DVD menus, producer's video diary, galleries, alternate and deleted scenes, on location in Watseka, and much more.


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