The Roff Home in 1895 Watseka Wonder & Roff Home: America's First Documented Case of Spiritual Possession
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Roff Home on SyFy in "The Possessed,"



Private Tours

  • PRIVATE TOURS: If you would like a private tour of the Roff Home, please contact us to book a time. We'll give you a personalized tour of the entire home, explain to you the history of the home, the history of the Watseka Wonder story, and how people have used the home over the years. We'll also explain where the events of the Watseka Wonder story happened in the home and where your favorite scenes from "The Possessed" were filmed. You'll also get to experience the ongoing renovation of the Victorian character of the Roff Home.
  • ACCESS: During your tour, you'll have access to more than 90% of the home, including the basement. We'll also give you a tour of the five-acre estate.
  • COST OF PRIVATE TOUR: $9 per person

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