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The Watseka Wonder

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The Watseka Wonder:
"This is not the arm. That one is in the ground."

In conversation with Dr. E. W. Stevens about her former life, Lurancy Vennum, possessed by the spirit of Mary Roff, speaks of the time she had cut her arm with a knife. She asks if he had ever seen where she did it. He says no, and so she proceeds to slip up her sleeve as if to exhibit a scar, but suddenly arrests the movement. She quickly adds, "This is not the arm: that one is in the ground."

She tells where it is buried and how she had seen it done and who stood around, and how they felt. but she says that she did not feel bad. She tells Mr. Roff and the others present how she wrote him a message some years ago through the hand of a medium, and gives the name, time, and place. She also tells of rapping and spelling out a message by another medium, and gives the time, name, and place. Mr. and Mrs. Roff later admit all facts and details to be true.

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