The Roff Home in 1895 Watseka Wonder & Roff Home: America's First Documented Case of Spiritual Possession
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The Watseka Wonder

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The Watseka Wonder:
The Return of Lurancy Vennum

On May 21, Mary Roff left the Roff Home --- and the body of Lurancy Vennum --- for good. Lurancy returned to her family, apparently "cured." And Roff family members went back to living their lives as they had before Mary had returned.

In the 1908 edition of the Watseka Wonder pamphlet --- printed for the 30th anniversary of the possession --- Minerva ("Nervie") wrote a letter stating that she still believed she had experienced an otherworldly contact with her sister. In the letter, she describes in detail Lurancy's final day in the Roff Home and how Minerva accompanied Lurancy across town to the original Roff Home and then to her father's office, before Lurancy took her final leave of the Roff family.

Over the decades following the possession, Lurancy was reported to have visited the Roffs several times, supposedly letting Mary enter her body again during those visits. Throughout their lifetimes, the family members remained convinced that what they had experienced was real, and they never refuted it. To them, Mary Roff had returned to the family through the body of Lurancy Vennum.

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