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The Watseka Wonder

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Did you know there were two Roff homes?

Over the years, questions regarding the exact locations of homes in the Watseka Wonder story have arisen. Confusion stems from the Roffs having built two homes in Watseka. Thanks to extensive research on the issue, the exact locations of these homes and the timeline of ownership for each can now be established.

» In the late 1850s, the Roffs build the first woodframe home in Watseka at the corner of Fourth and Oak Streets. This home was torn down in the first half of the 20th century.

» In 1868, the Roffs leave the woodframe home to move into their newly constructed brick home on Sheridan Street. This was the first brick home to be built in Watseka.

» When the Roffs move into the brick home in 1868, they sell the woodframe home to their daughter Minerva and her husband, Henry Alter. The Alters occupy the woodframe home for more than three decades.

» In 1878, Lurancy Vennum --- under the possession of Mary Roff --- moves into the second Roff Home (the brick home) on Sheridan with Asa and Dorothy Roff.

» In the Watseka Wonder pamphlet, Minerva relates how Lurancy would visit her at the original woodframe Roff home and how they would reminisce about their childhood.

» On May 21, 1878, Lurancy leaves the brick Roff Home for the last time. Accompanied by Minerva, they stop by the woodframe Roff home before going to Asa Roff's office to finish their farewell.

Read more about both homes in an extensive post on the Roff Home blog that explores this question in detail.

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