670 people visit Roff Home (and its basement) in 2009

Many thanks to the 670 people who visited the Roff Home in 2009! Most of you came through during the open houses in October and November, after the much-anticipated airing of “The Possessed” on the SyFy channel. Others came with private groups for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations.

Whatever your reason for visiting — whether to see the ongoing renovation, to get to know the colorful personalities who have lived in the home, or to experience where much of the Watseka Wonder story took place — we’re grateful for your interest and your goodwill!

Recollections of Kathryn Clifton
In certain cases, some people who toured the home had a particular connection to the history: they had grown up on farms owned by Kathryn Clifton, who owned and lived in the Roff Home from 1939-1961. These visitors were children when Ms. Clifton was alive, and they had special recollections of her as an aviator. They remembered her daily flights to check on crops and cattle at the more than 25 farms that she owned. They would hear the humming of the engine in the distance, and they would run outside to greet her, waving their little hands wildly at the sky. As she passed overhead, she would cheerfully dip her wings left and right to wave hello in return.

Ghostly Photos
Some people who toured the home at night in October and November found themselves with a perplexing treat. As they walked through the home and about the grounds, they snapped photos with their cell phones and digital cameras. In the evening hours, the home filled with people — sometimes 50 or 60 or more. And as more people entered the home, their photos became all the stranger. Odd shadows, bizarre orbs, smoky mists, and ghostly figures all began appearing before their camera’s eyes.

Halloween Night at the Roff Home
Halloween was the most fun. We swapped out the regular white light bulbs for dim red and yellow ones, and let people grope their way through the dark shadows of the home.

“Can we scream?” asked one teenage girl when she and her friends enterred the home.

“Of course,” we responded. “That’s what Halloween is for.”

And being Halloween night, the dim lights extended to the basement as well. Who could come to the Roff Home without spending some time in the basement?

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  • Debbie

    I watch “Ghost Hunters” — the guys from TAPS on SyFy. They’d love your house!

  • Thank you! Someone recently told me that he had written TAPS about investigating the Roff Home and the Watseka Wonder story, but I’ve never heard anything from them. They would be a cool follow-up to the Booth Brothers documentary. I’ll keep people posted here if I ever hear anything!

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  • Ezekiel

    have you tried to write TAPS again? stay persistent…

  • Sandi

    I am going to be staying there this weekend of July 23-25, 2010 and I am so very excited!!!! Not only because I will be doing ghost hunting but because I get to see this beautiful old home! I love antiques and from the pictures on the website I am thrilled to be going. What I am wondering is what I am going to do if I am too scared to stay another night after the first one?!?! I might just be joining you in your cozy little office screaming MOMMY!!!! LoL!!! Can’t wait to meet you and see your beautiful home. See ya Friday! :)

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