Travel Channel's Most Terrifying Places in America at Roff Home

UPDATE 09/02/2010: We’ve learned that the episode of ”The Most Terrifying Places in America” featuring the Roff Home will air Sat., Oct. 2. Read more here.


A production team from the Travel Channel trekked out to Watseka, Ill., in May to film a segment for a fall 2010 edition of its popular series, “The Most Terrifying Places in America.” While they were here they filmed some background information on the Watseka Wonder story. I recounted a series of otherworldly nightmares I had after paranormal groups had come through the home. The medium Rick Hayes walked through the home — including the basement! — and related his impressions. The crew tied a young actress to a bed and told her to writh like a snake. And actors and mediums reenacted a Victorian-style séance in the bedroom that Lurancy stayed in back in 1878.

You know, basically, a normal day here at the Roff Home.

The show is set to air in September and October of this year. Once I hear of an air date, I’ll get it on the website and blog so everyone can tune in.

HALLOWEEN UPDATE: The medium Rick Hayes will be conducting two nights of events here at the Roff Home on Oct. 22-23. He’ll be doing a gallery reading session followed by optional ghosthunting here at the home. It looks to be two spirited evenings! Read more about upcoming events here.

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  • Debbie Lubbert

    How cool! I laughed when I read your post. Been checking back now and then to see if there was anything new. I’ll be sure to watch the show.

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