Ghost Hunting 101: An udpate on the first night of training sessions

We’re all pumped up from the Illiana Paranormal Society’s first night of Ghost Hunting 101 training sessions here at the Roff Home. We had people attend from Illinois, Indiana, and even Texas! And the sessions at 10 pm and midnight were at capacity!

The group started off each two-hour session with an overview of instruments and how they use them in an investigation. They then divided into three smaller groups to explore and investigate three areas of the home: part of the yard that mediums keep telling us disturbing stories about, the upstairs bedrooms of Asa  and Dorothy Roff (the parents of Mary Roff), the bedroom of Lurancy Vennum, of course, the freaky basement, which has yielded for other investigators some frightening recordings and disturbing personal experiences.

The basement continues to express its personality…
Last night, one guy participating in a training session at midnight was investigating the basement when he felt a warm sensation on his skin. He lifted up his shirt to find that he’d been scratched. To us, that was pretty much par for the course for the basement. It’s really best not to go poking and prodding around down there.

Props to WIVR 101.7!
WIVR 101.7 did a live broadcast from the Roff Home from 7:30-8:30 pm last night. So major props to Milner Broadcasting, the team at WIVR, and the sponsors of the broadcast for helping us spread the word!

A few more tickets for Sat., Sept. 25
We want these sessions to be an intimate experience for each individual that comes through the home. That’s why we divide up into three small groups for each training investigation. On Friday, we limited sessions to 15 people total, which meant the small groups investigating the home were limited to five people each. However, we can still maintain the uniqueness and intimacy of the experience with six people in each small group, so we’re increasing the total number of tickets per session tonight to 18.

So if you’re still looking for tickets for Sept. 25, you’ll see a few more available for 8 pm, 10 pm — and even midnight!

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