Roff Home + Oct. 1 = Travel Channel's 'Most Terrifying Places in America'

Back in May 2010, the Travel Channel filmed here at the Roff Home for the third edition of “The Most Terrifying Places in America.” The filming was a hoot.

Today we learned the initial air date for our episode: Oct. 1, 2010.

Now we just need to figure out when to tune in. Unfortunately, the Travel Channel is being tight-lipped about the time.

So in the meantime, we’ll be content to google oursevles every day (Roff Home + Travel Channel + OMG + WHAT TIME??!!??!?!). I’m sure we’ll look like an obsessed narcissist to whoever’s watching web traffic behind the scenes. But c’mon, Google and Travel Channel, have you ever been to Watseka? There’s nothing to do here but google yourself. (In fact, I’m googling myself right now.)

We love you, Travel Channel. We love everything about you. And this is our plea to you.

You’re the people who’ve given us “Ghost Adventures,” with the dreamy ghost guy with the big ghost-seekin’ arms.

You’ve shocked us with the stomach-churning thrill ride that is Andrew Zimmerman’s “Bizarre Foods.” We cringe with horror every time we watch it. Seeing that guy eat his way through a fried rat stand at a Thai outdoor jungle market in steaming, no-refrigeration heat is scarier than anything you’ll ever experience here at the Roff Home.

And you’ve blessed us with “America’s Worst Driver.” Honestly, is there any other way to feel better about yourself than to spend some time watching the confused and distracted have a meltdown while trying to drive across town? I think not!

So, please, Travel Channel, just throw us a crumb. Let that small morsel fall off the table and into our welcoming hands. Just whisper that air time in our ears. We won’t tell a soul. It’ll be our little secret. I promise.

2 comments to Roff Home + Oct. 1 = Travel Channel’s ‘Most Terrifying Places in America’

  • Teresa Rose

    I live in England and first read this story under the name of ‘Child Possessed by an author called David St Clair. Although I was only about thirteen years old I have never forgotten the impact that it had on me. I have since read it a few times more and it still has the same impact. I have just found your website after just typing in Watseka in the Yahoo search engine and by having a browse, found your website, WOW! I had no idea that the house would still even be there! I have always wanted to come and see the Roff home as the story made me wonder about all sorts of things, some of these things I still wonder about even now. I haven’t seen the film yet, I think it might be a bit too scary! Now I have found your site I shall be a regular visitor to see if Mary or Lurancy make a re-appearance! Kind regards, Teresa

  • Thank you for your kind words regarding the Roff Home and the Watseka Wonder story. I’m undertaking what will probably be a ten-year restoration of the home to save the home and restore its original detail. I closed the home down last fall after what became — at least to me — an overabundance of paranormal activity that had become negative and unwelcoming. I’m just starting to reopen the home after several cleansings and some time for the house to be alone. I can’t vouch for Mary and Lurancy, but the place at times can seem like a train station at rush hour, through which spiritual and physical worlds intertwine. If you’re ever in the States and near Watseka (90 miles south of Chicago), please feel free to drop me a line to see the house and experience it for yourself.

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