Watseka Wonder Roff Home Reopens with Focus on Healing

After closing for cleansing in November 2010, the Roff Home reopened on Feb.10, 2011, with a focus on the spiritual and emotional healing that is at the heart of the Watseka Wonder story.

As paranormal investigations took place at the Roff Home from 2007–2010, the amount of activity increased and the types of evidence that paranormal groups captured became more robust. While increased activity and a broader spectrum of evidence made for an intense investigation, it made it nearly impossible to live in the home, especially with the negativity that emerged.

In Nov. 2010, the Roff Home closed to the public to undergo a series of cleansings. At the same time, the owner began a process of questioning under what conditions the home could be reopened and truly what were the benefits and consequences of having so many paranormal investigations take place in a home. The outgrowth of this period of reflection is the decision to reopen the home, but with a better search for balance between the positive and negative that we all know exists in the world. Read more.

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  • Debbie

    First of all, I hope you don’t have any ash trees! Secondly, I know there are people in the paranormal field who help those who are earth bound, cross over. And there are those who bless houses, that kind of thing. I take it you invited some people to come into your home to help with that? Sounds like the Roff home has been a busy place for a very long time!

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