EVPs from a private investigation on 03/20/2013

During a private investigation on 03/20/2013, Derek and Chreey Bradburn led an investigation of the Roff  Home, accompanied by two other people. They reported personal experiences, and they have sent back to the Roff Home the following EVPs:

  • EVP “Choking… Yes!”: The (male) investigator had felt a pressure on his throat, and he says, “I feel like, I feel like someone’s choking me.” A female voice in the background can be heard to enthusiastically whisper “Yes!”
  • EVP, “Hey you!”: Here’s a raspy “Hey you!”
  • EVP “Music… No! No!”: A female investigator suggested that “You could listen to music on that.” Two separate voices are heard to reply, “No!”
  • EVP, “Fucking bitch!”: As a female investigator was walking downstairs into the basement, a raspy voice appears to say “fucking bitch!” or “fucking witch!”

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