Victorian floors in the front parlor: Unraveling the mystery of original use

The Victorian floors in the Roff Home have been a mystery, especially the front parlor’s baffling combination of plain plank flooring and ornate trim. My restoration of the flooring and my own use of the room helped the mystery be unraveled.

The master of plaster restores Victorian walls at the Roff Home

Over the summer and fall, we took on the task of plaster restoration at the Roff Home.

Victorian flooring in the front parlor is finished!

The Victorian flooring of the front parlor of the Roff Home is finished!

Front parlor flooring: Victorian Italianate renovation dilemma of the week

[NOTE! As of 12-16-09, the front parlor flooring is finished! Read the update here!]
As those of you know who read this blog and the main website, the Roff Home is a Victorian Italianate residence that was built in 1868. Its last major renovation took place in 1940.

I’ve taken on the task of peeling back layers of renovation and [...]